5 Years & Younger


MiniGym - The MiniGym program is a 45 minute class designed for children as young as 6 months up to 2 years.  During each class you & your child will be lead by one of our Under 5's qualified coaches through 3 different circuits, followed by a song and dance to finish the class off.  This is a movement-based program, which involves parent assistance.


Learning through play in a stimulating, non-competitive environment, enables children to develop their skills & confidence in readiness for kindy and beyond.  Our carefully structured program is designed to encourage the holistic development of all children. The development areas this program focuses on are Brain Development, Body Awareness, Social Interaction, Vestibular Stimulation, Balance, Core Strength, Fine Motor Skills and Sensory system. 

LittleGym & Kindergym - The LittleGym program is a 45 minute class designed for children aged 2 to 3 1/2 years.  This class will allow your child to gain more independence as this class has no parent assistance.  The Kindergym program is a 1 hour class designed for kindy aged children (3 1/2 to 5 years). This is where the child will work with the coach, learning through a stimulating, non-competitive environment, enabling the child to develop skills and confidence in readiness for kindy & school. 


During each class your child will work independently with one of our fully qualified under 5's coaches, starting the lesson off with a song & dance, then they will make their way around 3 carefully structured circuits.  Each circuit is designed to improve coordination, balance, rhythm, spatial awareness and to develop a positive self-esteem.  At the conclusion of each class, your child will finish off with our good bye song to encourage their movement to music.

JumpStars - JumpStars is where you will see our gym transform into an indoor play center with 2 large jumping castles taking center stage within our gymnasium.  Filling the rest of the area, you will find mini circuits in which your child can learn through play developing their gross motor skills without even knowing it.  If they need to take a break, they can make their way to our cubby house where they can sit and work on their hand-eye coordination and develop their fine motor skills with an array of different activities. 


JumpStars is a session with flexible times for your convenience,where you can come and go as you please.  Open to children 5 years and younger to build and develop their social skills and self-confidence while improve their balance, co-ordination and body awareness, and is a fun and safe way to keep your child active and entertained.  JumpStars gives your child the chance to explore and use their imagination as they play.  You are welcome to come in and play with your child or sit back relax and watch them play, as long as you stay on the premises with your child.

You & Me Explorers -The explorers class is for you and your child to enjoy a guided educational circuit, led by one of our qualified under 5's coaches.  This 1 hour class is for children 5 years and younger and will develop your child's body awareness, spatial awareness & social interaction.  During each class you will have time on 3 different circuits, where you and your child are free to learn and explore.  This movement-based program will see your child learning through play in a stimulating non-competitive environment.

Recreational Programs 5-16yrs Girls & Boys

GymFun & GymSkills- These programs offers your child a gymnastics experience in a fun and friendly environment.  GymFun is for children in school grades, Prep to year 2, while our GymSkills classes are for children year 3 & above. 


These 1 hour classes will have girls and boys split so they can focus on each of their specific apparatuses.   Boys will develop skills on the 6 boy's apparatuses, floor, vault, ring, pommel horse, horizontal bar & parallel bars, while girls will develop skills on the 4 girl's apparatuses, floor, vault, balance beam & uneven bars.

During each class your child will learn the fundamental skills for gymnastics manoeuvres.  Our programs are designed to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and spatial awareness.  There will be opportunities for your gymnast to attend local appraisal days, within the club where your child will receive a medal of completion and a skills appraisal certificate.  These are great days for your child to show you what they have been working on during their classes, and a great day for your child to be assessed.

T&T Classes T&T is a mixed class for girls and boys from school grades 1 & above.  If your child likes to jump, flip & roll, then this is the class for them.  These 1 hour classes include instruction only on mini trampoline, double mini-tramp, air-track and sprung floor, where they will be able to develop their tumbling skills.  During each class your child will be instructed by a qualified coach, where they will be progressed from the most basic gymnastics skills through to advanced skills, whilst increasing their strength & flexibility. 


We offer a T&T Intro class which will accommodate for the beginner up to level 3 skills, while our T&T class will accommodate for the more intermediate to advanced skills.

Boot Camps Our boot camp classes are a 10 week program, changing each term.  These boot camps are designed to target a specific area of focus.  Boot camps are a mixed class for school aged girls and boys, from prep through to Grade 8.  Catering for the beginner through to the advanced participant, each student will be progressed at their own pace.  To find out what boot camps are currently running please contact the office or email us to find out more details.

Term 1 2020 - Ninja Fitness Boot Camp

Competitive Program- Australian Levels

Our competitive program focuses on creating a high standard of gymnastics skills that will develop into the skills needed for Competitions.  Our gymnasts train between 2-16 hours per week and are led by a fantastic team of qualified coaches. Gymnasts will have the opportunity to perform routines at several different competitions throughout the year as they show readiness for competition.  Competitions are by invitation only.

MAG - Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) is the Australian Levels Program for boys.  Male gymnastics are required to compete a routine on each of the six apparatus.  These apparatus are Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar.

WAG- Woman's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) is the Australian Levels Program for girls. Female gymnasts are required to compete a routine on each of the four apparatus. These apparatus are Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor.

Adult Fitness Classes - 16 years & older

FunFit - Adult Strength & Fitness Class (Gymnastics Style)

Our adults gymnastics program is suitable for all adults, regardless of your current skill or fitness level.  Our adults program has proved to be hugely successful over the last few years, with adults from all walks of life getting active and learning how to use their bodies in new and interesting ways.  Our qualified coaches will work with you to improve your fitness, strength & flexibility.  We use all the latest gymnastics equipment to develop your upper body, lower body and core strength.  The strength program uses all body-weighted exercises on the bars, rings & balance beams in order to build your body to develop a stronger, younger you.  Injury prevention strengthen & stretching is also part of this class. 


The class structure varies but will typically include:

  • Warm up and stretching

  • Strength, conditioning and fitness activities

  • Flexibility work

  • Gymnastics, trampoline, tumbling, Parkour, circus and other fun activities

  • Opportunity to work independently if that suits you

  • Cool down and high fives

S&S - Ladies Only Strength & Stretch.  Strength  & Stretch is a woman's only class and is all about using your own body weight to increase your strength.  All exercises are done on a carpeted sprung floor, which is safe and comfortable for your body.  The 1 hour class consist of a general warm up, then straight into a 20 minute HIT (high intensity training) strength session, followed by a relaxing full body detailed stretch. Stretching should happen on a regular basis as it keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints.  Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight, which puts you at risk of joint pain, strains and muscle damage.  This class also offers child minding for your little ones, with a qualified gymnastics coach, where the children will get to play on the gymnastics equipment while you do your workout.

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